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WatchSong’s goal is to connect people with medical cannabis by using it to its fullest therapeutic potential, without confusion that can lead to uncomfortable experiences.  We provide straightforward, one stop education so you may discern if medical cannabis is a fit for you.

At WatchSong, we are trained, certified industry professionals and medical cannabis patients.  We know firsthand the health benefits of this amazing plant medicine.  We also know it can be a daunting challenge figuring out how to achieve therapeutic results with so many variables to consider.  We are so passionate about the potential benefits of medical cannabis and our desire to be of service to our community is so strong, we created WatchSong.

WatchSong is an expression of love.

The WatchSong name was born from a plant medicine ceremony, when I saw (Watch) universal love flow into all of existence through sound (Song). Just know that anytime WatchSong is spoken, seen or heard, an expression of pure love is radiating into the universe and being received by all.

— Tiffany Stuhr, WatchSong founder

Hi.  I’m Tiffany Stuhr, patient-turned advisor, educator, and founder of WatchSong.  I managed chronic back and pelvic pain for 10 years with opioids.  Using medical cannabis, I stopped all pharmaceuticals and my life changed in amazing ways.  I walk and swim 5 days a week, I eat a mostly vegan diet, I lost 70 or so pounds, and finally feel passion and purpose in life.


As I educated myself to use medical cannabis, a strong desire to serve the greater good took hold and I now devote my career to helping others determine if using medical cannabis is a fit for them.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and hold certifications for Cannacian™ Level One and Level Two trainings (CME accredited by American Academy of Family Physicians) and Train-the-Trainer Cannacian™ Level One and Level Two, studying under The eCS Therapy Center led by Regina Nelson, PhD.


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