Americans for SafeAccess

A good resource for high level medical cannabis topics for patients, the legal industry, and medical professionals.


Project CBD

A great guide to all things CBD, including science and medical research.


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

The OMMA oversees the medical marijuana program for Oklahoma.  Patients and caregivers use this site to apply for a medical cannabis license.


Oklahoma Cannabis Doctor Locator 

Specific to Oklahoma, a comprehensive map of doctors around the state that write medical cannabis recommendations.


Oklahoma Dispensary Locator

A map dispensary locations around the state of Oklahoma.  Many include a menu of their products.  If visiting a dispensary based on their online menu, be sure to call ahead to make sure that product is still available.


Goldleaf & releaf.

Because cannabis affects everyone differently, it’s very important to track your use so you understand how the plant variety, cannabinoid/terpene content, and consumption method affect you specifically.  Here are two tracking tools options, one paper and one digital.


Trichome Institute

There are thousands of different strains available.  How do you know which is best for you?  The strain name itself isn’t a good indicator of effect and quality.  Discerning for yourself a flower’s bud structure (indica vs. sativa characteristics) and smell (terpenes) is a much better gauge of how it may affect you.  Consider learning sight and smell techniques for yourself.  Here is one set of tools that can help.


The eCS Therapy Center

WatchSong is certified with Cannacian™ Level One and Level Two trainings (CME accredited by American Academy of Family Physicians) and Train-the-Trainer Cannacian™ Level One & Two, offered by the non-profit organization The eCS Therapy Center and led by Regina Nelson, PhD.


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