Why you’re here

Does this sound familiar to you?  If so, we can help you create the relief and revitalization you deserve!

  • My pain is so unbearable that I’m mean or rude to my partner or colleagues at work.
  • I spend long stretches of the day curled up in bed because I can’t manage my pain.
  • My doctor will no longer prescribe me pain medication and I desperately need something to manage my pain in order to function normally.  I’m miserable.
  • I’m physically dependent on opioids and I hate it.  I go through withdrawal (body aches, agitation, anxiety, etc.) if I miss a dose and I’m consumed by preoccupation of running out.  I have undesirable side effects and I’m scared I could accidentally overdose.
  • My depression gets so bad that I’m exhausted all the time.  I have difficulty focusing at work and my performance suffers.  I can’t do the simplest of tasks.  All I want to do is sleep.
  • Daily routines send me into a panic.  I don’t know what triggers my anxiety and I don’t know when it is going to stop.
  • I spend hours awake at night.  I feel tortured by my insomnia. I have racing thoughts and beat myself up because there must be something wrong me.
  • I have uncomfortable experiences taking medical cannabis, feel frustrated, and have just about given up on it as a therapeutic option for me.
  • I feel uneducated.  I have no idea what products, consumption methods, dose, cannabinoids, or terpenes to use to achieve a therapeutic effect.   I’m really apprehensive to try it.
  • I’m a dispensary owner or manager and I want my budtenders to provide stellar, super informative, high quality, accurate product selection to my customers.
  • I’m a medical professional and I can better serve my clients by knowing more about the endocannabinoid system and how different consumption methods, doses, and cannabinoid ratios can affect my patient’s experience.

Patient / Caregiver Consultation Process

To find out if our consultation program is a fit for you, follow these steps.

Free Education

Register and watch our FREE educational webinar.  Our webinar contains expert, actionable information and patients often find the guidance they are looking for just by watching this webinar.

Free Assessment Call

If after you watch our webinar you still have questions about how to develop your own safe, effective medical cannabis therapy plan, book a FREE 30-minute call with us.  We’ll give you a free assessment.

Consultation Program

Watch the webinar and book your call, then we’ll talk through this personalized option to see if it is a fit for you.


  • Multi-week, customized coaching to achieve safe and effective relief.
  • In-depth intake evaluation.
  • Tailored, written plans for daytime & nighttime regimens.
  • Customized symptom tracking journal.
  • Weekly check-ins & updated written plans.
  • Unlimited support in between weekly check-ins.
  • Coaching & empowerment for effective adjustments post-program.
  • Final implementation overview & tips for ongoing success.


Suspect you are already a good fit for the consultation program and want to jump right to having a call?


Industry Training Process

This is typically how an industry training session flows and what you can expect.  To find out about all our current public training events open to industry professionals, visit our WatchSong Events page.



Email us with some details about the training you are looking for.  We’ll call you to talk about a solution (specific needs, # of people, location, etc.).  We offer a 4 hr. CME-certified standardized training (Cannacian Level 1 &2), as well as customized training options.  Please note, only the 4 hr., Cannacian Level 1 & 2 training is CME-certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians.


Once we create a solution for your needs, WatchSong will setup a customized class on the online scheduler.  You will complete your sign up by registering via the online scheduler.


We conduct your training solution onsite.  Each participant is emailed a certificate.  If conducting Cannacian Level 1 training, it includes; Time for the Talk: Doctor/Patient Communication about Medical Cannabis, An Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System, Hemp vs. Cannabis: What are the real differences? Targeted Dosing Strategies for Medical Cannabis Patients.


Now that you/your staff is trained, you’re empowered!  Gauge learning and retention.  Note your customer’s before and after loyalty and feedback.  New research, studies, and observational data come out all the time.  Occasionally check back in with WatchSong to see if it’s time for a training update/refresher course.


Need further assistance on key topics?  Need a refresher?  Schedule a follow-up consultation online or contact us to discuss additional onsite consultation or training solutions.


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