Consider what it is costing you in life, whether it be time, joy, money, or loving relationships, to continue struggling with:


  • Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Anxiety



Can you really afford to not make a change?  To keep isolating from friends and family?  To stay unemployable?  To dread waking up to another day of agony?



Are you ready to learn how to take back your life?


We’ve got your solution….


If you are like so many other Frustrated and Confused patients, you’ve probably realized by now: 


  • Medicating with cannabis is not straightforward.   
  • One solution fits all, Quick Fixes do not work.  
  • Finding relief is elusive without the right balance of Consumption Methods, Products, and Dose.  
  • Relying on dispensaries for in-depth guidance often leads to Failure.
  • It’s all too easy to waste precious Time and Money by not having the right education and planning.



WatchSong unveils its new, long awaited online educational event… 



The WatchSong Method WorkshopSM


You no longer have to fumble your way through medicating with cannabis on your own….  Like WatchSong’s, Tiffany Stuhr!



What is her success story?


Opioid Dependence to battle Chronic Back Pain was slowly killing her.  She didn’t know how to medicate with cannabis and wasted 6 additional months suffering, spent thousands of dollars on products that didn’t work, and had many uncomfortable experiences.  


Determined to find a solution, she threw herself into Education, Education, and more Education….


And found freedom from debilitating pain and rediscovered all the things in life she was missing out on.  


Today, she’s pharmaceutical-free, walks and swims, eats a mostly vegan diet, WEIGHS 70 POUNDS LESS, and experiences joy and passion for life that she didn’t know was possible.  



What are our clients saying about the WatchSong MethodSM?


“I was taking harmful opioids for 5 years and was still in so much pain that I would lie on the couch all the time and do nothing. After using the WatchSong MethodSM, I am opioid-free and now do the things I’ve been wanting to do for years… help out around the house, shop, clean, and garden. WatchSong has been great!” – W. Carter



“After using the WatchSong MethodSM, I no longer have to suffer, wonder what to do next, or waste my money! I can dose myself and don’t remember the last time I was in pain… this is unheard of! I never imagined it could be this easy. Now I am ready for yoga classes and I walk every day. I can do what I want now!!!” – J. Martin



Here’s the fantastic news… you too can have these results!



The solution?




And WatchSong is here to teach you all of its education, methods, and planning strategies that are used in developing cannabis therapy plans for its 1 on 1 clients.   


Join Expert Educator Tiffany Stuhr with WatchSong, for the Premiere Launch of this live, online, group workshop so you can fast track your medical cannabis education and take back your life quicker and for less money.  


The WatchSong MethodSM Workshop includes several life-transforming segments, all focused on delivering clear and easy “how to” protocol to ready you for developing your own DIY Cannabis Therapy Plan.



Here’s what you can expect…. 


Session 1: Personal Reflection & Intake Evaluation + How To Worksheet


  • Overlooked by many unsuccessful medical cannabis patients, we give you the tools to appropriately evaluate your current situation, establish goals, and determine readiness for your Cannabis Therapy Planning next steps.  
  • Next, we walk through the steps to examine your conditions, symptoms, medications, and cannabis use preferences to ensure the plan you develop is safe and effective.  




Session 2: Educate & Medicate 101 + How To Worksheet


  • Learn all the crucial background education required to develop your customized Cannabis Therapy Plan for long-term success.  Deep dive into essential topics like:
    1. Understanding Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid and when to use each.
    2. What Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and Terpenes can be used for specific conditions.
    3. How to use multiple cannabinoids together to maximize relief and determine their ratios.
    4. The various Consumption Methods (inhalation, ingestion, sublingual, etc.), their different effects on the body, and how to layer for sustained relief all day and night long.
    5. The most common cannabis Products (flower, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, topicals, etc.) and how to choose your ideal match and stop wasting money.



Session 3: Creating Daytime & Nighttime Regimens + How To Worksheet


  • Walkthrough how to craft your starting regimen for Indica vs. Sativa, Terpenes, Cannabinoids, Cannabinoid Ratios, Consumption Methods, Acute Relief Recommendations, ideal Cannabis Products, and considerations for choosing your Dispensary Sources.  
  • See real client examples of Cannabis Therapy Plans that work!




Session 4: Achieving Therapeutic Dosing & Making Plan Adjustments + How To Worksheet


  • Dosing to reach therapeutic results is often the most challenging step.  There is no standard dose that works the same for everyone. We teach you how to dose up and make plan adjustments safely and comfortably. 
  • Learn to avoid unsafe experiences, minimize psychoactive effect, and maximize therapeutic benefit!



Session 5: Journaling & Ongoing Success + How To Worksheet


  • One of the most underrated steps in Cannabis Therapy Planning is Journaling.  It may be the single biggest determining factor in crafting a sustained, life-changing plan.  Learn how to do it right!
  • Your health changes and so will your Cannabis Therapy Plan.  Find out how to ensure your ongoing success with Implementation Tips and Tricks.



Session 6: Post-Cannabis Therapy Plan Implementation Q & A


  • So you’ve implemented your Cannabis Therapy Plan and you have questions or concerns.  No worries…. Two weeks after Sessions 1 – 5, we meet again live and online for expert discussion and Q & A of your pre-submitted and live questions.  



BONUS: Free, 1 on 1 Call with WatchSong’s expert educator and patient advisor, Tiffany Stuhr


  • Need a tweak to your Cannabis Therapy Plan and not sure what to do?  Within 1 month of the Workshop, book a call with Tiffany Stuhr and get free expert advice! 



The WatchSong MethodSM Workshop includes:


  • Live, online presentation by Tiffany Stuhr of each session.
  • Pdf Workbook containing all presentation slides and notes sheets.
  • Pdf How To worksheets for your DIY Cannabis Therapy Planning.
  • Individual breakout time to begin completing the How To worksheets with follow-up Q & A.
  • Actual examples of cannabis therapy regimens that work for WatchSong clients!
  • Expert Q & A of your pre-submitted, chat & live video questions
  • One, private follow-up call with Tiffany Stuhr.



Additional Workshop Details:


Where: Online video meetings using Zoom


Who: Presented by WatchSong’s, Tiffany Stuhr 



  • Main Workshop (Sessions 1 – 5): Sunday, December 1st from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Q & A Follow-up (Session 6): Saturday, December 14th from 8:00 am – 10:00 am
  • 1 on 1 phone call with Tiffany Stuhr: You schedule your call between December 2nd – January 3rd




Easily, the cost of 1 trip to a dispensary could cost you more than this workshop if you haven’t dialed into your specific needs and don’t know what you are buying!  



  • Save money with early bird registration! Register on or before November 9th for special discount pricing.



In order to allow personalized attention to every participant, space is intentionally limited.  Sign up today!



Ready to take back your life?


Book a quick call with us to find out if you are a fit for the workshop and enroll!






Discover a more straightforward, faster, less expensive solution using medical cannabis and The WatchSong MethodSM!